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Psychologische Beraterin / Supervisorin / Coach / Trainerin / LSB
Gelbes Couch
coaching . Psychological Counseling. mental training

Life and social counseling is a regulated trade and, since 1989, has been the fourth pillar of the Austrian healthcare system alongside medicine, psychology and psychotherapy.

The conversation is confidential, relieving, solution- and goal-oriented. Wishes and goals are discussed individually with the client.

My focus:

  • Coping with fears and worries

  • Crisis management and crisis intervention

  • trauma

  • Coping with difficult life situations

  • Dissolution of negative beliefs and blockages

  • Systemic coaching

  • Stress, pressure and overload

  • Diseases

  • Problems in the family / partnership

  • personal development

  • resilience and burnout prevention

  • Professional and private decisions

  • Unfulfilled desire to have children

  • Unfulfilled partner wish

  • difficulties at work

  • and much more

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