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Topic and family constellations
Aufstellungen nach Bert Hellinger und Roman Braun.

System constellations include individual constellations, structural constellations and organizational constellations. Constellations take place in individual and group settings.

Constellations bring hidden and unconscious patterns, attitudes and/or family entanglements to light and can be dissolved.

When does a list make sense?

  • Illnesses (physical and psychological)

  • Problems in marriage or relationship

  • Recurring problems/events

  • unfulfilled desires

  • trauma

  • Concrete problem (e.g. unfulfilled desire to have children, desire for a relationship, desire for a career,..)

  • Problems in the family or with individual family members  (mother, father, brother, children,..)

  • Always failing at the same point

  • and much more

Difference between family constellations and system constellations:


Family constellation: Topics and problems in the family of origin and present family.

System Constellation: Common relationship issues and issues. (Friends, colleagues, boss, decisions,...)

In systemic individual coaching, we clarify, among other things, which constellation setting is optimal for you. (Individual setting or group setting)

I enjoyed my training with Dr. Roman Braun and Bert Hellinger .

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